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6 — 7 July 2021

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Magnify China 2021

Magnify China is back! This July, we have guest speakers and exclusive presentations prepared by our 36Kr Global Research team, dissecting the topics that are moving China's landscape.

The past year and a half has seen a lot of change, due to the pandemic, changing regulations and evolving consumer practices. Global MNCs and Chinese companies are also gradually warming up to each other.

In this 2-day event, we'll discuss the effects of these changes on the Chinese landscape—how it all fits together, and where the opportunities lie? We'll go deeper into technologies and their industrial applications, and uncover MNCs that have successfully innovated in China. Lastly, we want to talk about how China's consumption habits are evolving and share the perspectives of Chinese companies that have ventured outside of their home market.

Check out the full agenda below!

*Please note that this event will be English and Mandarin Chinese, with English subtitles

Magnify is a flagship event by KrASIA, incepted to help our valued members better understand the evolving business landscape in Asia. For enquiries, drop us a line at [email protected]

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4.00pm - 4.30pm

Corporate Innovation in China

30 Mins


Open Innovation and Corporate Venture Capital are ways in which MNCs and traditional enterprises have been engaging the tech ecosystems. While it's no secret that the Chinese ecosystem has much to offer in investment, technological collaboration and knowledge, we look at the various formats through which MNCs have ventured into China's innovation space.

This presentation breaks down:
1. The different vehicles MNCs have used to explore the Chinese ecosystem—innovation teams, accelerators, CVCs and co-investing
2. Succesful case studies: Unilever, Daimler and Intel. We discuss how they've engineered their success through these vehicles and standout projects.

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4.30pm - 5.00pm

China's Leading Technologies: AI, Automobiles, Fintech & Agritech

30 Mins

36Kr Global

What are the drivers behind China's continual yet rapid technological progress? How exactly are new technologies applied to different industries? For example, 5G is such an obtuse, opaque buzz concept that is actually easier understood through its applications.

This is exactly what we aim to uncover in this presentation and we'll dissect this industry by industry—
1. Artificial Intelligence: applications of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
2. Future of Cars: applications in Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
3. Fintech: applications of Blockchain and in Digital Banking
4. Agritech: applications of Smart Hardware and Autonomous Robotics

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5.00pm - 5.15pm

Enterprise Services: Finding an Edge Overseas

15 Mins

SandStar, Black Lake Technologies, VisionNav Robotics, Vision Plus Capital (moderator)

Enterprise Services is one of the hottest industries in China—it consistently ranks as one of the top invested fields in the venture capital scene. Both investors and entrepreneurs alike are jumping in the opportunity yet the domestic market still remains fragmented and it's hard to say if the hype has been matched. Can Chinese companies break through the noise and find their edge overseas?

This panel brings 3 enterprise service startups, each with varying experience in venturing overseas, to discuss what drives them to strike out, how they angle themselves and what sort of partners they look out for?

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5.15pm - 5.30pm

China to the World: Cross-border E-commerce

15 Mins

ZhenFund, CaptainBI, Fordeal, 36Kr Chuhai (moderator)

E-commerce has connected the world to an unprecedented degree. Coming from the country which has developed some of the largest platforms, what do Chinese startups have to offer the world? What’s their take on how Chinese e-commerce startups and related service providers can position themselves in the global context?

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5.30pm - 5.45pm

Fintech's New Frontiers

15 Mins

Yuanma Capital, OneConnect Financial Tech, Payoneer, 36Kr Chuhai (moderator)

Digital banking, payment gateways, ‘wallets’, we’ve seen the lot. Where are the opportunities for innovation in this mature industry? Chinese startups weigh in as they make their move in overseas markets.

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5.45pm - 6.00pm

All Players on Deck: China's Global E-commerce in Motion

15 Mins

Xingyun Group, AliExpress, Dreame Technology, 5Y Capital (moderator)

Each representing an aspect of the cross-border e-commerce industry, this panel brings an investor, startup, marketplace platform and full-link cross-border service provider to give their perspectives on the growth of Chinese e-commerce companies. This conversation will shed light on how the industry's robust infrastructure lands a hand to empowering the global ambitions of Chinese e-commerce players.

The consensus is China is no longer simply exporting goods, they're building brands—so what's to come in the next 5 to 10 years?

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